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Welcome!  I am very excited that you have chosen to visit my website to view my original, one of a kind artworks.  You will not find these drawings anywhere else on this planet.  They have been created from my minds own eye and from experiences I have had through my growing years.  I welcome any comments and hope that you enjoy my creativity and uniqueness. 

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My name is Wayne Armstrong.  I discovered that I could draw with pencils at about the age of 6.  My first drawings were simplistic.  The normal drawings for your parents, the perfect family, dog, house with trees and flowers.  My drawings became much more unique by any young kid standards.  I would add dinosaurs, flying prehistoric mythical beings, space ships and one or two alien plant species.   


I studied art mediums, forms, and techniques in the early 80s.While I was a house daddy I spent a great deal of time just trying to perfect my own creations. Won second place in my first art show, the judges told me color adulterates the detail. So now I utilize the detail of pen and ink and most of my drawings capture many details.    Please take a look and enjoy. Comments may be sent to me via the contact link at the bottom of the page.

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